Let’s get acquainted

Meet Ness

I was called into birth work after my first was premature, leading to a traumatic postpartum despite an incredible birth. 

I began working toward becoming a doula after the healing experience of my second child’s birth, and confirmed that this is one of my greatest passions after the deeply powerful birth of my last (a surprise breech!).

I have supported many birthing families from home births to birthing centers to hospital births, and have helped them adjust to parenthood amidst the ups and downs of postpartum. 

In addition to doula-ing, I am a yoga instructor who specializes in pre- and post-natal yoga, as well as a professional harpist. I like to think the creativity necessary for my other fields of interest and work aid in the creativity needed to support each individual family during this transformative time in their lives.

When not doing all the things I can be found enjoying time outside with my husband, three kids and rescue dog, working on some crafty thing, or reading or talking and learning about social justice.

ness, their two partners, and their three children
ness wearing hospital badge
ness doing yoga